Friday, November 16, 2012

Quick Takes Friday, Vol 7

--- 1 ---
Headache. Sinus headache. Bad sinus headache. Must not get sick. Must be able to cook turkey. And real dressing.
--- 2 ---
Usually my library sends me an email reminding me a few days before my books are due. This time they waited until they were already late. Sneaky snake.
--- 3 ---
Beckett's favorite activity:

--- 4 ---
What Finn kept doing while I tried to take that picture:

--- 5 ---
Ready to attack the videos again:

--- 6 ---
My headache isn't getting any better and I need to go to the library. :P I hate driving with a headache, but my books are overdue thankyouverymuchrobolibraryemailer.
--- 7 ---
Sorry for the lame quick takes. Check out this post for a much cooler giveaway. It doesn't seem that anyone has entered yet, so your odds are pretty good, lol.
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