Friday, December 14, 2012

Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 11

Today's Quick Takes are going to be extra speedy because:
--- 1 ---
I only have seven days to get everything ready for Christmas before our trip.

--- 2 ---
Beckett turned 10 months today. He's not walking yet, but he's already into everything and as fast as if he was on two feet.
--- 3 ---
I still have a bare Christmas tree.
--- 4 ---
I am a crazy person who insists on making most of our Christmas gifts.
--- 5 ---
The few things I planned on buying are mostly out of stock or require trips to multiple stores.
--- 6 ---
People won't stop making clothes and dishes dirty. They also want to eat frequently, thus interrupting my Christmas prep time.
--- 7 ---
It is possible to have too much coffee. (Shocking, right?) Apparently the amount of coffee it would take for me to have the energy to get everything I need to done in a day is more than the "too much" threshold.

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